lars f. herzog

Kraftwerk Bille resident artists gro
up exhibition
mixed media installation, sizes variable

photos of exhibition by Helge Mundt
For the set of works for the group show with the natural scientific title Neobiont I chose an installation like we know it from biology or physics collections. I made formal references to scientif constructions with covering glass panes and bases of different sizes and other contextual materials as well as between the single exhibits. 

The single art works (charcoal and graphite drawings, partly combined with etchings) are formal statements, ready to be deciphered.
A cloth banner is being soaked with color and taken over.
It’s iron pole waits in the corner. 

Behind the rectangular wall cutout covered with black glass the laptop – performing the automated patchfield soundscape of guest artist Michael Ploj – can be seen. The “dead room“ behind this cutout with no entrance or other windows works as resonance room and increases an artificial and auspicious mood.  

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