lars f. herzog


Solo exhibtion at EMOSSAO art and design showroom
in context with the Kontorhausviertel art tour, Hamburg 2019

Taking the orientation and origin of the EMOSSAO Art and Design Space as a basis I preoccupied with Brasilian architecture and especially the phenomenon of the so called architectural brutalism. 
I immersed in the structures and form of these special buildings with dictating cut outs and their surfaces, mostly weather exposed concrete.
The principles seem rough and reveal the way of production and functionality; so I chose the title FEITIO, which is Portuguese and stands for the making, character or disposition. 
For these art works I used a combination of charcoal drawing on differently prepaired paper; partly roughened or laser cut surfaces as well as blind embossings to create minimal three-dimensional effects. A slight reminder of architecture on a more or lesse plane sheet of paper.  
With these fundamentals I found an own kind of formal language with a variety of characteristics. The art works framed like windows between two glass panes combined with a board of HDF and a concrete panel with an also embossed exhibition title represent a reminiscence of architecture. A upright positioned feather of an Andean condor reminds of South America and fragility of nature. 

Photos by Daniel Wimmer
main exhibition view
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